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Whether you are eating it at our house or yours, our mission is to make you incredible food every time! Thanks for coming by!

(CLOSED TEMPORARILY DUE TO FIRE - updated July 30, 2021)


Craft beer & wine

To Start

Wings & Riblets







CLOSED TEMPORARILY DUE TO FIRE - updated July 30, 2021 - Thank you so much for more than 19 wonderful years here in Lethbridge! We are excited to be this community's go-to pizza place, and look forward to many more great years! Our mission has always been to provide great pizza with exceptional service.



We make circular pizzas, and put them in square boxes, and cut them into triangles! Doesn't that sound perfect for your next large party?!


Pizza Trailer

With this trailer, we can bring the pizza party to you! Look for us all over town throughout the summer!


Out In The Community

Over the years, we have developed some fantastic relationships with organizations and clubs that are doing some amazing work to make our city better. Thank you Lethbridge for everything!

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